Sell via Facebook

Djinni is an e-commerce chatbot that answers
your customers' questions and sells products
to them via Facebook Messenger.

First month is free, then $15/mo
How will Djinni help
your customers?
Order info
Your customers will be notified about
all order changes or can ask Djinni
about the status
Parcel tracking
Djinni will send them a tracking number and show where the parcel exactly is
at the moment.
Shop via chat
Djinni will find a specific product,
browse products by category and offer products on sale
How to get started
X-Cart-based online store
If you already have an X-Cart-based online store,
just install our free module.
Another e-commerce platform
If you use another e-commerce platform,
contact us and we will create a connector for you.

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